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Finance & Insurance Info

The cost of treatment depends on the severity of the patient’s problems.  You will be able to discuss fees and payment options before treatment starts.  We provides several financial options to make your treatment affordable and fit into your budget.  Payment can be made by check, cash or all major credit cards.  We also accept several insurance plans.  We work hard to make your orthodontic treatment affordable.

For your convenience, we offer 3 payment options:

Payment In Full:
-5% discount is offered when a fee is paid in full by check, cash or credit card at the start of treatment.
-Assistance is always available for submission of your insurance claims.

No-down payment plans:
-No initial down payment required for qualified patients
-Up to 24 months to pay without any financing charge
-Up to 60 months to pay with very low monthly payment (with financing charge)
-Benefits may be coordinated with your monthly payments and thereby reduces your monthly payment.  Assistance is always available for your insurance claims.

Hayward Braces payment plans:
-No interest charge with automatic draft
-20% down payment
-Up to 24 months to pay with lower monthly payment for the remaining balance
-Benefits may be coordinated with your monthly payments to reduce your monthly payment.  Assistance is always available for your insurance claims.

Please feel free to contact us, or call 510-581-7851 for further information and questions.

Discount Programs:
-10% family member discount for additional family member going into treatment at the same time
-20% discount for second phase of treatment
-10% professional discount for Dental Office staff and their family member.
-Only one discount program is applicable to any individual account

Patients Referral Program:
If you referred a patient to our office and starts treatment with us, we will gladly offer you movie tickets as our token appreciation and you will also be entered for a chance to win a big prize every quarter.

Insurance guideline
We will work with you and your insurance company to receive the maximum benefit possible.  The more you know about your policy, the easier it is to process your claim.  The following are FAQ’s about insurances.

How does orthodontic insurance work?
Different insurance companies provide different benefits.  Orthodontic insurance generally pays for a portion of an orthodontic treatment fee.  Most orthodontic insurance has a lifetime maximum benefits.  This benefit may vary from $500 to more than $2000 depending on the type of your insurance.  Some insurance companies also offer a discounted fee but do not actually pay for the treatment.

How will our office assist you with your insurance?
We will prepare an insurance form describing the orthodontic problems, treatments, length of treatment and the financial arrangements. Please bring a signed original insurance form to our office.  We will then submit this form to your insurance company for a reimbursement of your orthodontic fee.

Knowing your benefits by contacting your insurance company can help maximize your coverage.  Please note that you are ultimately responsible for the treatment fee.  And you are responsible for any balance that is not paid by your insurance company.